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bookWelcome to Data Reproductions Corporation

Data Reproductions Corporation originated out of a basement in a 1200-square foot home in suburban Detroit in 1967. From that basement, political flyers were our first product. Shortly thereafter, we leased about 1,200 square feet in a Royal Oak facility and offered our customers in the automotive and supplier base along with computer systems manufacturers publication services like manuals, catalogs, training documents, and directories. Continuing expansion lead to 3 more location changes throughout the 1970s-1990s as we grew our services to offer book manufacturing and became a national player for these services. We now occupy a modern 100,000 square foot facility built for our use in Auburn Hills, MI

We offer our customers highly-skilled technicians, outstanding Sales and Customer Service Representatives, and a dedicated team of support professionals. Artists in our trade, we collaborate tirelessly as a team to provide the best service and support in the industry.