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We use Citrix ShareFile for our customers to share files with us. If you would like to upload files please follow this link HERE and fill in your information. For any issues please contact Bonnie Kahler at or (248) 371-3700

Generic upload/download FTP Guidelines

The following step by step guideline will allow you to upload/download files to and from the Data
Reproductions Corporation ftp site. If your file is 5 megabytes or less please email your file to your
Data Reproductions Corp. customer service rep.

1. Do not attempt to access our ftp site using your web browser.

2. Use your favorite web browser only to navigate to

3. Click on Download FileZilla Client.


ftp-14. Choose your operating system and download file. On most operating systems you will need administrative privileges to install Filezilla.

5. Follow the attached screenshots to login to the FTP site with credentials supplied by your customer service representative. Remember usernames and passwords are case sensitive. The Host should be entered as The Port field can be left empty.

When the Host A Username B and Password fields C are complete, click Quickconnect D to login.


6. The left side of this screen is your computer, the right side of the screen is our ftp site.

7. Navigate to the appropriate folder and complete your file transfer as needed.