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My Dearest Bonnie:

OK Remember a while back, I requested quotes for a few titles in a new series, XXXXXXXXX?

Well, my boss decided to go with another company and guess what — this other printer wasn’t very nice to play with! They didn’t respond to my emails in a timely manner (several days later!), and worst of all, they didn’t ship the books out on time! It was so important that they go out by a certain date. They were over a week LATE! I am so fed up with decisions being made by going with the “cheapest” vendor! I guess you get what you pay for, right?!

This is good news to you because…. I am sending the next two titles your way! (Because I LOVE working with you!!! You make my job sooooo easy and stress-free!) We will also have another four titles in this series next year which I would like to send your way then. 🙂

And, this email has way toooo many exclamation points!! LOL


Raquel T.

Senior Graphic Designer and Print Production Specialist 

By the way, I got some copies of Plato’s Bedroom, and the author saw it . . . we both are very happy with its look. Very special.

Bruce F.

Hello Steve and Bonnie,

I received the books and they look beautiful and everything appears to be in order. I want to thank you both for the very professional job and saving my neck.

Thank you both again!

Lonny J.

“Thank you for staying a step ahead of me – makes my job easier!”

Holly J.
Print Production Manager

Thank you soooo much Michael and Steve,

We got our books today and they look AWESOME!!! Thanks for all your work on this project. And thanks to the employees at your company who helped out on this project too.

Cindy G.

The book looks absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much! Sorry for being a pain in the bum during this process!

Thank you!!!!

Amazing! You guys ROCK. Send tracking info when available —

Jennifer J.

You guys are great!! Truly a please to work with!!

Joe A.

I want to thank you again for accommodating my visit on such very short notice. I was thrilled to see the web press. What awesome equipment! No wonder you do such great work for us.

It is a pleasure doing business with you always.

Jill S.


First, I want to tell you that I had a great experience working with Datarepro on my last (hurried) project.

The books came out great and the service was awesome.

Lee R.


  The books look BEAUTIFUL! They arrived today.
We could not be happier.

Thanks for all your help,
Kristin R.

Steve and Michael:  Oakland Tales arrived and we’re VERY happy! Thanks for all the help.


Sweeeeet! Awesome job and thanks for all your help and making my first project easy it’s been a real pleasure working with you!!!  Here’s to more future projects and hopefully they’ll go as well as this one did.

I sincerely Thank you!!!

Denise L.